Waqar Zaka Net worth|$14 Million

Waqar Zaka, Pakistan’s most memorable first cryptocurrency billionaire tycoon, is a tech business person, lobbyist, online entertainment powerhouse, Program host, entertainer, and cryptographic money dealer.

He sent off his profession in 2008 with the unscripted TV drama Living every day to the fullest, which broadcasted in Pakistan.

Waqar Zaka Net worth incorporates bitcoins and a bitcoin wallet.

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Biography Summary

Date of Birth July 17, 1991
Age 32 Years
Birth Place Sargodha, Pakistan
Residence Karachi, Pakistan
Country Pakistan
Profession Host, Influencer, Activist, and Crypto Entrepreneur
Education NED University
Father Zaka-Ud-Din
Mother Samia Yaseen
Nationality Pakistani
Siblings Three Sisters
Brother None
Religion Islam
Spouse None
Horoscope Cancer
Weight 70 KG
Height 5 Feet 7 Inches
Net Worth $14 Million
Category Anchors
Name Waqar Zaka


Waqar Zaka is a TV host from Pakistan. He is notable both in Pakistan and all through the world as a TV have. How about we rapidly audit his work history prior to inspecting Waqar Zaka Net worth.

Early Life

In Tehran, Iran, he was born He then, at that point, moved to Pakistan’s Karachi. Zaka has not uncovered any insights concerning his own life or sentiments, and he is as yet single.


Waqar attended B.V.S. Parsi High School in Karachi for his education. He then attended Adamjee College in Karachi, where he finished his intermediate studies. Zaka graduated from N.E.D University of Engineering & Technology with a degree in civil engineering.


Zaka comes from a clever and educated family. While his mother is a homemaker, his father Zaka-Ud-din worked for the UN, which allowed Zaka to live abroad. Waqar has three younger sisters who are not involved in show business. No one else joined this glamorous world save Zaka. He isn’t married right now.


In Pakistan, Zaka is well-known for hosting TV shows. Living on the Edge, XPOSED, King of Street Magic, Desi Kuriyan, The Cricket Show, and Champions by Waqar Zaka are just a few of the series he hosted. Waqar Zaka’s Champions, his final TV program from Pakistan, was stopped by PEMRA, and he was promoted to Vice President of ARY Digital in 2006.

Waqar Zaka started his career as a film producer with the well-known Pakistani movie Babylicious, which starred Shahroze Sabzwari and Syra Yousuf. In 2013, he also entered politics by contesting in the general elections. His goal was to make the internet and entertainment more accessible. He didn’t, however, succeed in his first try at politics. Waqar Zaka launched his political campaign via Tehreek-e-Tech in April 2019. Additionally, he lectures on blockchain business at several colleges. This expert in Pakistani cryptography also launched TenUp, a cryptocurrency.

Waqar Zaka, as a Philanthropist

Largely speaking, Waqar Zaka has a well-established reputation as a humanitarian.

He came up with the concept of the “selfie video” in 2015 while filming his charitable endeavors in Sittwe, Burma.

There, he provided assistance to Indo-Aryan Muslims known as Rohingya Muslims who were being persecuted by radical organizations in Burma. That group was out of the reach of NGOs.

However, Waqar Zaka found the bravery to travel there by himself and assist those in need with the assistance of the Pakistani government.

During the Syrian War, he also assisted the Muslim community in Syria by giving the survivors appropriate housing, support, and rescue.

He gave money through “The Waqar Zaka Foundation” to aid the Syrian War victims.

In addition, he gave the migrants instruction on cryptocurrencies and how to exchange them for money.

Cryptocurrency Business

At the point when Bitcoin was just $250 in 2016, Waqar Zaka started teaching individuals about cryptographic forms of money.

He quickly inspires individuals with the significance of cryptocurrencies.

This Pakistani cryptocurrency billionaire used live broadcasting on social media sites like Facebook and YouTube to interact with his audience.

Waqar Zaka rose to the top of the crypto influencer and expert rankings in Pakistan on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

He discussed his well-calculated trading forecasts, which he refers to as “Godzilla trading.”

In addition, he gave the migrants instruction on cryptocurrencies and how to exchange them for money.

Waqar Zaka shares his trading expertise by mentoring numerous people in Pakistan, India, and the Gulf States.

He was the one who introduced the cryptocurrency revolution to Pakistan since he never gave up on encouraging people to convert to cryptocurrencies.

Recently, Waqar served as investors’ lone hope during Pakistan’s crypto ban.

In order to have it unbanned, he went to court.

He is the leader of the largest virtual crypto training organization.

Owing to his prominence in the cryptocurrency space, he has received numerous accolades at the federal level.

For example, he is the sole representative on the cryptocurrency committee, which is presided over by the Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Pakistan.

Furthermore, he was chosen by the Pakistani government to be the crypto specialist.

How much Bitcoin is owned by Waqar Zaka?

Waqar Zaka has a very extensive history in the bitcoin industry. In the beginning, he purchased Bitcoins. He is now a crypto millionaire from Pakistan.

His Bitcoin wallet contains a big quantity of Bitcoins.

However, it’s still unclear how many Bitcoins Waqar Zaka actually possesses.

He did, however, declare that he will publish his Bitcoin wallet when BTC reaches 100,000.

Net worth

Waqar Zaka net worth is $14 Million.


In conclusion,Waqar Zaka net worth is evidence of his diverse professional background and business ventures.

From his early days as a television host to his forays into social action, technology, and entertainment, Zaka has proven to be a versatile individual with a sharp ability to shift and invent.

His financial success has surely been aided by his unwavering pursuit of unusual enterprises and his desire to push boundaries.

But Zaka’s impact goes beyond his financial success; it also includes his philanthropic work and support of social concerns, which reinforces his power outside of the world of wealth acquisition.

It’s clear that Waqar Zaka’s net worth symbolizes more than simply his financial success as he keeps growing and seizing new chances; rather, it also serves as a testament to his tenacity, inventiveness, and dedication to changing the world.

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