Malik Riaz Net worth|$1.5 Billion

Figure out Malik Riaz net worth he is a noticeable Pakistani businessman and real estate developer.

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Biography Summary

Category Details
Personal Information
Full Name Malik Riaz Hussain
Date of Birth February 8, 1954
Place of Birth Sialkot, Punjab, Pakistan
Nationality Pakistani
Alma Mater Government High School, Sialkot
No formal higher education
Professional Career
Occupation Real Estate Developer, Businessman
Company Bahria Town
Notable Achievements
Founder & Chairman Bahria Town, one of Asia’s largest real estate developers
Philanthropy Established various welfare projects and hospitals
Business Ventures Diversification into hospitality, entertainment, and healthcare industries
Allegations Facing various legal controversies and investigations
Legal Issues Accused of illegal land acquisition, corruption, and influence peddling
Net Worth $1.5 Billion


He is renowned for his huge commitments to the development and real estate industry in Pakistan.

He claims a renowned organization, Bahria Town, which deals with a few real estate projects.

Lately, the name of Mail Riaz has been among the top magnates of real estate as he is adding to the outcome of the housing market in Pakistan.

This article explores Malik Riaz net worth and career journey.

Early Life

In Sambrial, he was born on February 8, 1954,  a tiny town in Sialkot.

He completed his high school education there but left soon after because of personal and financial issues.

Malik Riaz Hussain had to endure a lot as a young child because, following his father’s death, he was the only provider for his entire family.

He worked extremely hard to overcome these difficulties, but later on, when his mother remarried to Malik Ashiq, their days improved because Malik Riaz’s stepfather was a contractor who had previously worked for MES and other government agencies.

He was the source of inspiration for his profession, as was his first name, Malik.

The father of Malik Riaz was a successful private contractor.

However, unanticipated events caused his father’s business to grow, which resulted in Riaz leaving high school after matriculating.

Later on, he started working for the Military Engineering Service as a clerk and concurrently took on part-time painting tasks.

Subsequently, Riaz changed careers and started working as a contractor in the defense industry.

In the mid-1990s, Mr. Riaz developed the ability to “work the system” and used his connections to real estate a contract with the Pakistan Navy to build two housing developments on Rawalpindi’s outskirts.


Renowned business magnate Malik Riaz has used vision and drive to grow his empire under the Bahria Town Group brand.

One of his dream projects, Bahria Town, is currently one of the most well-known real estate endeavors. He has finished projects in Islamabad, Murree, Karachi, Lahore, and Rawalpindi.

Malik Riaz is additionally the proprietor of the biggest confidential task in Asia, Bahria Town Karachi 2. With an expected total asset of US$1.5 billion, Riaz is a prosperous businessman who has laid down a good foundation for himself in the real estate sector.

In an exceptionally cutthroat market, he has prevailed with regards to cutting out a specialty for himself because of his desire, vision, and free enterprise business strategies.
Bahria Town is currently growing its Blue Economy.

Mr. Riaz wants to significantly impact education, national advancement, and social uplift.

In order to do this, the Bahria Foundation has been making contributions to society through a number of its four pillars, or subsidiaries.

Corporate Foundations

Prestigious complexes near Karachi’s corporate district, Bahria Estates are renowned for their excellent upkeep standards.

Commercial Enterprises

Bahria Foundation’s varied businesses, which serve ex-marines and advance Pakistan’s economy, include Bahria Security Systems & Services, Pharmacy, Travel, Trading, and a Recruiting Agency.

The Maritime Works Organization is in charge of constructing ports and shipyards, dredging harbors, undertaking scientific surveys, and spearheading Pakistan’s blue economy projects.


Expanding Bahria Foundation Colleges to offer high-quality education throughout Pakistan; 85 campuses prioritize character development, discipline, and teachings from the Quran.



“I can’t sleep if my people are without food or a place to live.” Malik Raz

Malik Riaz, the multibillionaire industry icon from Pakistan, is additionally perhaps of the most notable humanitarian in the country.The largest private real estate development in Asia was founded by him and is called Bahria Town. In addition, he consistently leads the way in assisting the nation in the face of social, economic, and natural disasters.

Net worth

Malik Riaz Net worth is $1.5 billion

Personal life

Out of his eight siblings, Mr. Riaz is the youngest.

Riaz started his vocation in development at an early age, and during the 1980s he established his own construction organization.

Malik started his profession as a private company worker for hire following the passing of his most memorable spouse, who was experiencing declining wellbeing.

He later marry Beena Malik, and both of them have a child. He and his most memorable spouse had three little girls.


In conclusion, Unquestionably, Malik Riaz has had a significant impact on Pakistan’s real estate market. His large-scale projects under the Bahria Town brand have completely changed the region.

Even in the face of legal troubles and scandals surrounding his commercial endeavors—including accusations of corruption and Real estate encroachment

Rizaz has managed to maintain his stature as a prominent member of Pakistan’s corporate world.

His resilience and strategic intelligence are highlighted by his ability to overcome obstacles and maintain progress.

Nonetheless, the disputes pertaining to his commercial methods underscore the necessity of openness and responsibility in Pakistan’s real estate sector.

The full extent of Malik Riaz’s influence will be determined by his contributions to urban development

as well as the settlement of any ethical and legal issues pertaining to his commercial dealings, as his legacy continues to change.

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