Shahzada Dawood Net worth|$350 Million

Although not everyone is familiar with the name Dawood Shahzada, he has had a big impact on the music industry.

Shahzada has been a part of the entertainment industry for many years as a musician and songwriter, adding his ability to the musical tapestry.

Dawood is a powerful and wealthy individual.

Shahzada Dawood net worth and his financial successes are consistent with the ingrained business savvy of his family.

Shahzada Dawood net worth is consistent with decades of influence and legacy in the industry. Let’s examine the beginnings and career turning points that have influenced his financial story.

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Biography Summary

Net Worth $350 Million
Full Name Shahzada Dawood
Birth Date February 12, 1975
Place of Birth Rawalpindi, Pakistan
Death Date June 18, 2023
Age at Death 48 years old
Citizenship Pakistan, United Kingdom, Malta
Education – LLB from Buckingham University

– Global textile marketing master’s degree from Thomas Jefferson University, formerly known as Philadelphia University

Career – Vice-chairman of Engro Corporation

– Director of Dawood Hercules Corporation

Philanthropy – Trustee of The Dawood Foundation (TDF) focused on education

– Pakistan’s efforts to encourage mental health owing to COVID-19

Family – Father: Hussain Dawood

– Sisters: Azmeh Dawood and Sabrina Dawood

– Brother: Abdul Samad Dawood

Spouse Christine Dawood (born 1975, Germany)
Children Two children


The wealth of Shahzada Dawood. Shahzada Dawood is a notable financial specialist in Pakistan who is associated with the Dawood Hercules Corporation, perhaps of the greatest combination in Pakistan. Shahzada has a long history of corporate authority and effective financial planning, and he is notable in various businesses, including energy and fertilizer.

His astute financial judgment and well-chosen assets have a significant impact on his wealth accumulation.

Shahzada may not have precise public records about his assets, but his involvement in profitable family businesses and business alliances points to substantial wealth.

Comprehending his wealth, one must take into account the thriving expansion and varied pursuits of the companies operating under the Dawood Group.

Early Life

In United States he was born On November 7, 1960, He had major areas of strength for an in music since the beginning, which in the long run enlivened him to look for a lifelong in it.

A number of partnerships and appearances during his formative years enabled him to polish his skills and establish his reputation.


Dawood has a strong academic background. After completing his preparatory education at Aitchison College, he went on to further his studies, receiving an MSc in Global Textile Marketing from Philadelphia University and an LLB from Buckingham University.


Throughout her career, Shahzada Dawood combined creative leadership in a variety of industries with strategic vision.

He was instrumental in guiding the Engro Corporation toward new growth prospects in his capacity as vice-chairman.

Engro grew its business under his direction, focusing on petrochemicals, foods, energy, and fertilizers. During his time at Engro, he focused on advancement and reasonable development.

Moreover, Dawood was the bad habit director of the Dawood Hercules Corporation, where he was responsible for many business activities.

His foreknowledge was critical in ensuring the organization’s solid situation in the Pakistani market and in expanding its resources.
Apart from his leadership positions, Dawood was involved in social responsibility and philanthropy.

He promoted educational initiatives through his corporate influence, such as The Dawood Foundation, which aimed to raise the standard of education in Pakistan.

He also worked in public health, including in campaigns to stop the COVID-19 outbreak in Pakistan.

Personal Life

Christine Dawood, an organizational psychologist and businesswoman of British-German descent, was Shahzada Dawood’s spouse. She lived through the horrible submarine tragedy that killed her kid and husband.Shahzada Dawood escaped the submarine catastrophe together with his wife Christine and another child named Alina. His son Suleman perished with him.

Net worth

Shahzada Dawood net worth is $350 Million


In conclusion, Shahzada Dawood net worth is a reflection of his varied interests and commercial savvy. His riches is a sign of a successful profession even though it is not made public. Knowing his net worth provides information about economic effect and wise investments.

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