Jim Jordan Net Worth | 2.5 million

Jim Jordan his net worth today is federal Congress people earn $174,00 per year. according to net worth club reporting on alleged leak tax documents.Jordan holds assets in three banks. His net worth balance of 2.5 million.


Jim Jordan his full name is James Daniel Jordan born February 17, 1964 

( age 60 ) Jim Jordan birth place ( Troy , ohio,united states ) Jim Jordan is American politician currently serving in his ninth term in the ( U.S.house of representatives ) as the representative for ohio 4th Congressional district sinc 2007


Jim Jordan earned Master’s degree form ohio state university and law degree form Capital university of Columbus.

Political position 

Jim Jordan party name is republican party. He representative ( R-OH 4th District ) sine 2007. 

Personal life

Jim Jordan wife name Polly Jordan.polly and jorden dating when he was 13 and Polly is 14 . They have four children’s and two grandchildren.His father John worked at general plant and his mother is Shirley ran a housecleaning business. 

Jim Jordan won first elected office,ohio representative in the 85th district 1994.

In 1982 hi graduated form Graham,high school.where he also participate in werstling and won state championships for all the four year.he was in high school , with a156-1 win loss record.while attending university of Wisconsin Madison form bachelor’s degree in ecnomics in1986 

He won the 1985 and 1986 NCCA division I wrestling championship matches.he lost the featherweight semifinal match at the1988 US Olympic wrestling trials and failed to make the Olympic team.

Coaching career

Jim Jordan served as an assistant couch with ohio state university wrestling program form 1987 to 1995. Ohio state university began an independent investigation against strauss into allegation of sexual misconduct that occurred between 1978 and 1998.

Jim Jordan decide to enter public services after his last child was born because he became more aware of his family as akey institution. He want to make different for that situation so he decide to join politics.

Jim Jordan win the general election to the Ohio house of representatives in November 1994. He representative tha 85th district . In 2000 he move to state Senate and he was elected form the 12th district by defective independence candidates jack kaffenberger, securing 88% of the vote . He defected kaffenberger again in 2004to win reelection ohio senate with 79% of the vote.

Election results 

2021 (Nov 2020 election )

  • 4th congressional district of ohio 
  • Jim Jordan 67.85% republican 

2019 ( Nov,6,2018 election )

  • 4th congressional district of Ohio
  • Jim Jordan 65.00% republican

2017 ( Nov,8,2016 election )

  • 4th congressional district of Ohio 
  • Jim Jordan 67.99% republican 

2015 ( Nov,4,2014 election )

  • 4th congressional district of ohio
  • Jim Jordan 67.68% republican 

2013 ( Nov,6,2012 election )

  • 4th Congressional District of ohio
  • Jim Jordan 58.35% republican

2011 ( Nov,2,2010 election )

  • 4th Congressional District of ohio
  • Jim Jordan 71.49% republican

2009 ( Nov,4,2008 election )

  • 4th congressional district of Ohio
  • Jim Jordan 65.17% republican 

2007 ( Nov,7,2006 election )

  • 4th congressional district of ohio
  • Jim Jordan 59.99% republican 

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