Jahangir Tareen Net worth|$1.7 Billion

Jahangir Tareen is a Pakistani legislator and financial specialist who has served in different bureau positions, including Money Endlessly serve for Enterprises and Creation.

Tareen Net worth making him perhaps of the richest lawmaker in Pakistan.

Jahangir Tareen Net worth is fundamentally gotten from his undertakings.

In addition, He is the pioneer and director of the JKT Group, a combination with interests in different areas, including materials, sugar, and land.

Tareen likewise has critical interests in the banking and protection areas.

Notwithstanding his financial matters, Tareen is likewise a significant landowner in Pakistan.

Additionally, He possesses immense parcels of land in Punjab, the most crowded territory in Pakistan.

Tareen’s political impact is to a great extent founded on his riches and his command over land.

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Biography Summary

Popular As Jahangir Khan Tareen
Occupation Politician
Age 70 years old
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Born 4 July, 1953
Birthday 4 July
Birthplace Comilla, East Bengal, Pakistan (now in Bangladesh)
Nationality Pakistan


Jehangir Tareen, he is a richest Pakistani politician in 2002 he started his political profession and he led as general secretary Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) in 2011.

Additionally, He owns farms and a few sugar mills.

In this article you may also read evaluations and opinions from the general public regarding Jehangir Tareen net worth.

Early Life

In Comilla, East Pakistan He was born, is an eminent financial specialist and politician in Pakistan.

He experienced childhood in a rural family.

Tareen finished his essential schooling in Pakistan prior to concentrating abroad.

Additionally, He moved on from Forman Christian college Bachelor of Science in Economics and a Master of Business Administration from the University of North Carolina.

Tareen had some expertise in the agrarian area, beginning the JDW Gathering, one of Pakistan’s biggest sugar factories.

He additionally sought after dairy cultivating and other agrarian organizations.

Business endeavors

A huge piece of Jahangir Khan Tareen’s pay comes from his business tries.

He is the maker and executive of the JKT Group, a combination with possessions in real estate, sugar, materials, and different businesses.

Tareen has made huge interests in the protection and banking businesses also.

Additionally, His $1.7 billion total assets has been to a great extent credited to his shrewd business judgment and insightful speculations.


One of Pakistan’s economy’s greatest and most huge areas is the material business.

Additionally, Tareen’s JKT group, which claims various material plants and clothing producers, is a critical player in this industry.

The material things created by the business are sent out to a few countries around the world.


One of the greatest makers of sugar in the world is Pakistan. In Pakistan, Tareen’s JKT Group claims and runs various sugar factories.

Additionally, The group trades its sugar to adjoining nations and sells it inside.

Real estate

Another huge financial area in Pakistan is land. Private, business, and modern land make up a sizable part of Tareen’s JKT Group’s property.

Pakistan’s biggest urban communities are home to the gathering’s land resources.


Tareen has significant possessions in both the protection and banking ventures.

Additionally,He holds critical stock in various Pakistani banks and protection suppliers.

Jehangir Tareen Net worth is additionally expanded and he gets a different revenue stream from his ventures.


One more significant part of Jahangir Tareen net worth is protection.

Additionally,Tareen has huge property in various Pakistani insurance firms, for example, the  Jubilee Insurance Company and the EFU groupThese investments boost his total wealth and give him a variety of income streams.

Apart from the monetary advantages, Tareen’s participation in the insurance industry confers upon him political clout.

The Pakistani economy depends heavily on the insurance industry, and Tareen has access to a sizable voting base thanks to his ownership of shares in multiple insurance companies.

Tareen can support his political supporters and further his own objectives by using his political influence.

All things considered, Jahangir Khan Tareen’s wealth and political power are mostly derived from the insurance industry.

Additionally, He has a big advantage in the political and economic arenas because he owns stock in multiple insurance companies.


Pakistan’s largest landowner is Jahangir Khan Tareen.

In Punjab, the most crowded area in Pakistan, he has huge areas of property. Tareen’s territory possessions are a critical supporter of his wealth and political clout. One significant part of Tareen’s abundance is her territory possessions.

In Pakistan, land is a highly prized possession, and Tareen benefits monetarily greatly from his large landholdings. He can make money off of his land by renting it out, selling it, and developing it.

In addition, Tareen has political clout thanks to his land holdings.

Given that landowners are frequently viewed as influential and affluent in Pakistan, Tareen has access to a sizable voter base thanks to his substantial landholdings.

Additionally,Tareen can support his political supporters and further his own objectives by using his political influence.

There has also been debate concerning Tareen’s landholdings.

He has faced criticism for allegedly obtaining land unlawfully by abusing his wealth and power.

Additionally,He has come under fire from others for not doing enough to assist Pakistan’s impoverished and landless people.

Tareen is still one of Pakistan’s biggest landowners, and his estates continue to be a significant source of both his money and political power in spite of these critiques.

Net worth

Jehangir Tareen net worth is $1.7 Billion.

Personal Life

In his personal life, Jehangir Tareen is known for his commitment to family and local area.

Additionally,He is married and has kids, and his family assumes a critical part in his life.

Tareen has frequently stressed the significance of family esteems and has been effectively associated with charitable undertakings pointed toward working on the government assistance of networks, especially in rustic regions.

Regardless of his accomplishments in the business world, Tareen’s actual conspicuousness got through his introduction to governmental issues.

He joined Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), a significant ideological group in Pakistan,

and immediately rose through the positions because of his hierarchical abilities and key keenness.

He assumed a significant part in PTI’s constituent missions and turned into a critical figure inside the party, serving in different administrative roles.

Nonetheless, Tareen’s political vocation has not been without debate.

Additionally, He has confronted charges of monetary wrongdoing and defilement, which have prompted fights in court and examination from political rivals.

Regardless of these difficulties, Tareen stays a compelling figure in Pakistani governmental issues,

using significant impact inside PTI and proceeding to assume a functioning part in molding the country’s political scene.


In conclusion, Jahangir Khan Tareen’s wealth and Punjab are closely related.

grasp Tareen’s financial success requires a grasp of Punjab, which is mostly dependent on his landholdings, economic ventures, political clout, and personal ties to the region.

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