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Biography Summary

Biography Summary 


Celebrity Name

Saad Ur Rehman (Ducky Bhai)

Date of Birth

Dec 21, 1997


27 Years

Birth place

Lahore, Pakistan






High School Studies in Bahria Town School


His father was a Japanese but name is not know.










Lahore, Pakistan




5 feet 6 inches

Net Worth

$2.7 M from Youtube channel




Aroob Jatoi

Hair color


Eye color



If you’ve been following the Urdu/Hindi comedy section of YouTube, you may be familiar with Saad Ur Rehman, also known as Ducky Bhai on the wildly popular video-sharing website.

He has gone a long way in the previous six years, from making daily amusing VLOGS to roasting unsuspecting strangers on the internet. With around 5.4 million subscribers, Ducky Bhai is among the most well-liked comedy channels in Pakistan these days.
Ducky Bhai has more subscribers than Sham Idrees and Shahveer Jafry combined, with 1.87 million and 3.44 million, respectively, because to his frequent uploads and humorous videos.

Early Life

In December 1997, Saad Ur Rehman was born. He pursued the choice to send off his own YouTube direct in 2017.

Ducky Bhai started posting irregular gaming recordings with diverting remarks in February 2017, talking about points like images, recent fads, and other related subjects.

With his family, Ducky Bhai resides in Lahore, Pakistan.

In his third year of life, his family moved to Japan.

Additionally, His father had been a Ph.D.-holding Japanese computer scientist.

Furthermore, In his eleventh year, his family moved to Pakistan. Muneeb is the name of his only brother.

Ducky began to concentrate more on direct roasting videos, in which he responded to videos posted by other YouTubers, as those began to gain traction.

Moreover, Funny roasts, particularly those on TikTok, were popular at the time and certain to get a lot of views.

But once other YouTubers began to imitate the idea and diss tracks and roasts became commonplace, Ducky turned to creating funny sketches that also received millions of views.

Additionally, Saad has been producing more VLOGS lately, and they appear to be drawing in more viewers and subscribers.


Celebrity troll, vlogger, and YouTuber from Pakistan is Ducky Bhai.

The focus of this article is his inspirational path. Let’s investigate it further.

When vlogging on YouTube was not as popular in Pakistan in 2017, he began his YouTube career.

His prank calls and roasting films, which became extremely popular among viewers in Pakistan and India, were what made him stand out.

His style is quite similar to that of Indian YouTuber Carryminati, who he was a fan of.

We may argue that Carryminati is an inspiration to him.

He was a Pakistani guy who was incredibly good at making prank calls and roasting movies of foreigners, which tremendously impressed other people who liked roasting videos of foreigners.

He is well-known for his sharp tongue and caustic humour, and his material usually consists of humorous acts, current event commentary, and roasts.

His fast ascent to prominence was fueled by his ability to emotionally connect with a broad audience, especially the younger generation, through his delivery and manner.

Personal Life

Aroob Jatoi is the name of Ducky Bhai’s wife Saad ur Rehman. Her old neighborhood is Lahore, Pakistan. Ducky and Aroob had their first encounter on April 12, 2018, and they got married on April 12, 2022. They make a charming and content couple.

Ducky Bhai Net worth

Ducky Bhai has an almost $2.7 million net worth. On YouTube, Ducky Bhai amassed a sizable following. The selling of products bearing his name, brand partnerships, YouTube, and other business endeavours are probably how he makes money. It’s important to remember, though, that his wealth varies depending on who you ask, and this estimate could not be up to date with the most recent details.

Ducky Bhai Channels

Ducky Extra

He first created a gaming channel where he would ask people to play online games with him. Subsequently, he began to recognise his own roasting abilities. His roasting films in video games are becoming more popular. He subsequently concentrated on the comedic, prank call, and roasting videos.

Ducky Bhai

Duck started his own comedy, mocking, and roasting YouTube channel once his gaming channel became popular. He attracted a sizable following very fast. He now posts daily vlogs instead of the roasting and trolling videos he used to make. Today, the majority of the content on Ducky Bhai’s channel consists of daily vlogs, which his audience finds humorous.

Awards & Achievements

Ducky Bhai shown his prowess in digital content creation by winning the esteemed PISA Awards 2021 “Youtuber of the Year” accolade. The best internet influencers in Pakistan are given this specific honour. It proved that Ducky Bhai is well-liked in the online community of Pakistan. The honour recognised the wide audience appeal of his enjoyable films as well as the community he has built. It was unanimous among the judges and the public that he is one of the most important YouTubers in Pakistan.

Social Media







Tik Tok

1.6 M Followers




In conclusion The rise of Ducky Bhai from a novice YouTuber to a well-known figure in the online community demonstrates the ephemeral nature of social media popularity. Even though he has had challenges and scandals along the way, his use of humour to engage a broad audience has helped him get more traction online.

We learned of Ducky Bhai’s remarkable voyage. Many people in Pakistan and other countries have been inspired to make their own videos by Ducky Bhai. He continues to provide different kinds of entertainment, and people still enjoy watching him, even though he has engaged in some online battles.

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