Beetlejuice Net Worth |$200K

Discover American actor, comedian, and author Beetlejuice net worth.

In addition, He is very much perceived for his TV work.

He has shown up in various movies and TV programs, including the Beetlejuice cartoon series, Saturday Night Live, Howard Stern Show, and Seinfeld.

Additionally, He has been a beloved figure for a long time because of his stunning comedic approach. Lester Green, otherwise called “Beetlejuice” or just Beetle,” was born.

Furthermore, He rose to acknowledgment as a big name thanks to his appearances on “The Howard Stern Show.”

Fans of the program particularly now know Beetlejuice as a notable character in the entertainment business.

This post will look at Beetlejuice net worth, profession, and relationship in order to provide readers a thorough understanding of his financial condition.

Biography Summary

Real Name Lester Green
Stage Name Beetlejuice
Net Worth $200,000
Date of Birth June 2, 1968
Place of Birth Jersey City, New Jersey
Profession Entertainer, Actor
Best Known For His appearances on The Howard Stern Show and in the movie “Scary Movie 2”
Height 4 feet 3 inches (1.3 m)
Nationality American
Gender Male
Ethnicity African American
Doing Lately Still making appearances on The Howard Stern Show and performing stand-up comedy

Beetlejuice Introduction

Famous American actor. One-of-a-kind figures in the entertainment industry is Beetlejuice. Regardless of his little height of 4 feet 3 inches, he has prevailed upon many individuals with his remarkable appearance and charisma.

Moreover, He turned into a moment hit with watchers of “The Howard stern Show,” when he made his TV debut in the last part of the 1990s.

Additionally, Beetlejuice has made a little part of appearance appearances in motion pictures, Programs, and expert wrestling occasions as his popularity has developed throughout the long term.

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Early Life

Born in Browns Mills, New Jersey, USA, Beetlejuice came into our world on June 2, 1968. A Virgo is his zodiac sign. His given name is Lester Green.

Having a small head in comparison to his small frame and an intellectual disability, Green was born with dwarfism and microcephaly.

In addition, His mother Lillie brought him up in the Marion neighborhood of Jersey City, New Jersey, as the second-youngest of six children.

Physical Measurements

His height is 4 feet and 3 inches; He is about 64 kg in weight. His dark hair and warm black eyes are stunning. No other information about shoe size, biceps, waist, or hip sizes.

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Professional Career

He made his television debut as a guest on Howard Stern’s show in the late 1990s.

Additionally, His outrageous public performances led to him being invited to form the hip-hop groups Beetlejuice and the Navarros, among other opportunities.

They are well-known for their tracks “I’m Bad” and “Pretty Muthaf*cka.”

Among the many shows that Beetlejuice adorned with his crazy antics and risqué comedy were The Man Show, The X Show, The Surreal Life, and Jimmy Kimmel Live! He represented Boost Mobile and Dunkin’ Donuts.

Beetlejuice took part in numerous reality television series, for example, The Celebrity Apprentice and Beauty and the Beast.

Over various many years, Beetlejuice’s pure, scandalous persona has assisted him with making an exceptional profession in satire and reality television.

Personal Life

As of right now, Beetlejuice is single. He hasn’t made any references to his girlfriend. Lester Green was formerly wed to a woman by the name of Baby juice.

The two were deeply in love with one another. Subsequent to getting married in 2003, they separated because of issues in their marriage.

He is very engaging and adores spending time with his companions in his own life.

Additionally, His friends are featured in a few of his YouTube videos.

Through social media, the person interacts with his supporters. In addition, he is a laid-back guy who finds humor in jokes spoken by others.

Beetlejuice Net worth

Beetlejuice is only worth about $200,000. Apart from that, he has earned enough money and recognition from his roles in a variety of programs, events, and occasions.

Beetlejuice might have a lesser net worth than that. That’s wonderful news for this man, though, as his distinctive character, demeanor, and charisma are what made him famous.

Social Media

  • Facebook   –      125K Followers
  • Twitter       –       445K Followers
  • Instagram  –       3.0M Followers


In conclusion, Beetlejuice net worth illustrates both his ongoing popularity and the variety of revenue sources he has amassed over the years.

From his big break on “The Howard Stern Show” to his roles in movies and in private affairs, Beetlejuice has amassed a fortune as distinctive as his character.

Even if he might not be the wealthiest of Stern’s regulars, his influence on entertainment and his affinity for fans have guaranteed him a consistent income stream and cemented his place in pop culture. Looking ahead, it seems probable that interest in Beetlejuice’s net worth will persist as he takes on new endeavors and keeps entertaining audiences all over the world.

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